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At Bearmind, we focus on improving brain injury management to eliminate the lasting effects of concussions and, in doing so, prolong athletes' careers, reduce healthcare costs for sporting bodies, and improve quality of life We believe that the consequences of repeated sub-concussive hits must be addressed with the same level of attention as concussions, and that technology can provide reliable insights to mitigate these risks We have developed one such solution, focused on continuous and accurate in-field measurements of impacts, quantifiable injury estimations, symptom monitoring and recommendations Our technology is grounded in science and focused on clinical relevance Here it is.

We think helmets can be more than protection

We have created a system of state-of-the-art motion and pressure sensors which is easy to integrate into any sports helmet and has the power to continuously measure evidence of players' head impact exposure in the field. The first step toward managing head impact exposure is to measure it, and as a Swiss company, we care to do it accurately.

Our unique technology makes soft pressure sensors out of helmet foam

Sports helmets use protective foam for players' comfort and safety; we turn this same foam into pressure sensors to collect high fidelity data about the forces applied to the head when impacts occur.

We add motion sensors to gain valuable insights on impact severity

Our technology combines pressure sensors with multiple motion sensing technologies to capture data on head rotations and accelerations to estimate the associated risks for the players who endured the hit.

Technology chip

All the intelligence inside a single device

Our light and compact wearable unit handles data collection, storage, and wireless data transfer with our online services seamlessly for the user. Monitoring head impacts is now as simple as inserting a device weighing less than 20g into your helmet and connecting to our online platform for insights.

  • Designed to be discrete
  • No change to player habits

Live insights on players that need your attention

Thanks to real-time communication between the helmets and our online platform, we inform team staff on which players should be in their watch list for brain injury symptoms and provide detailed information about the hits.

  • Live information on head impact severity
  • Detailed analysis of hits
Player app visuals

An easy way for players to report on their symptoms

Our IOS app guides players to report on their concussion symptoms and overall wellbeing and informs teams' staff on early signs of brain injury.

  • Reporting in the hands of the players
  • Players have complete control over who can access their data
  • Do not miss early signs of brain injury

Growing with our customers

We are working with professional ice hockey clubs to continuously expand our offer and ensure our solution matches their reality. Together, we will improve how brain injuries are dealt with and make sports safer for players, from youth to professionals.

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Scientific evidence at our core

We are partnering with scientific and medical research institutes to validate our solutions and ensure that we are providing accurate, medically relevant and actionable metrics for our customers. We provide continuous and raw measurements of impacts to our research partners and contribute in increasing knowledge about concussions in sports.

If you want to push the boundaries of concussion research with us, please reach out.



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